Lone Star Brand Beef


The Basics +

The Basics +

from 850.00

Get the best of Lone Star Brand Beef now with thicker steaks!

In this package you will receive (exact quantities vary by size of order and steer):

  • All steaks cut to 1 1/4” thickness

    • Siroloin, T-Bone, Ribeye, Round Steak with bone left in for less meat loss and best value

    • 2 steaks per package

  • Roasts cut to 3lbs each

    • Chuck, Rump, Arm, Pikes Peak, and Loin Tip Roasts

  • Brisket

  • Short Ribs

  • Ground Hamburger 85/15

    • 1lb Hamburger per package

  • Skirt and Flank Steak Fajita Meat

    • 1lb packages

  • Stew Meat

    • 1lb packages

  • Liver

  • Soup Bones

  • Heart & Tongue available upon request

If you prefer a variation or special request, we can certainly accommodate.

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