Lone Star Brand Beef


Will I save money?


Absolutely! When you purchase through us, you are buying in bulk and paying less per pound than your local grocery store. That is a huge savings! 

You will have a freezer full of wholesome Beef. You don’t have to drive to the store for meal prep as often. That saves time, money and is so convenient. 

A typical pound of grass fed ground Beef at the store currently cost between $6.50-$7.50/per pound with influx to over $9.00/pound. At LSBB you are paying a flat rate of $5.25 across the board and that is money back in our customer’s pockets. Money saved! 


How much does it cost?

  • Our price is $5.25/lb. Regardless of the cut. Yep, that thick Ribeye is only $5.25/lb. Compare that to what you pay in the store!

  • Cost includes a meeting with one of our Lone Star Brand Beef representatives who will help you choose what meats/cuts you want, cut to your exact specifications, hauling the Steer to the processor, custom butchering, vacuum seal and labeling, delivery to your house and placement in your freezer. One price- no hidden fees.

  • Price is based on the hanging weight of the Steer.

    • What is “hanging weight”? This is what the Steer weighs hanging in the freezer.

Sample for a Steer that weights approx. 800 pounds/ live weight: 

Whole Steer: Live weight of 800/lbs, hanging weight of approx. 650/lbs.
650/lbs x $5.25 = $3,413
$1706 is due when you reserve your Steer. 

*Remaining balance due on the day your Steer is dropped off at the processor and we have an accurate hanging weight.

Half Steer:  Live weight of 800/lbs, hanging weight of approx. 650/lbs, divided in half= 325lbs
325/lbs x $5.25 = $1,706
$853 is due when you reserve your Steer. 

*Remaining balance due on the day your Steer is dropped off at the processor and we have an accurate hanging weight.


What cuts of beef will i get when I purchase?


Great question! Our Process starts with sitting down with the customer and asking questions about what types of Beef the customer prefers. Then the Steer is processed into what you and your family will eat.  

Eat more Steak than Roast? No problem! We can do it! 

Enjoy throwing Roast’s in the crock pot for an easy dinner that falls apart in your mouth? Yep, we can do that! 

Do you love to make Stew in the winter? We can do that too!  

It is our goal to get your family the meat that you will eat! 

Example of some of the most popular cuts:

Fajita Meat
Beef Tips
Stew Meat
Dog Bones
Soup Bones

Ground Beef 85/15
Sirloin Steak
Round Steak
Club Steak
New York Strip
Filet Mignon
Arm Roast
Pike’s Peak Roast
Rump Roast
Chuck Roast


What does a sample order look like?

  • The average Steer is: 30% Steaks - 30% Roasts - 40% Ground Beef*

  • Thickness of Steaks determined by customer

  • Choice of pounds per package

  • How many Steaks per package

  • Your meat is labeled with your Name and Date

  • Vacuum sealed packaging

  • Your meat is labeled, you know if it’s a Ribeye vs. New York Strip. Rump vs. Chuck Roast.

  • You know what you have when you pick it up and look at it.

*If you don’t eat many Roasts then your Stew Meat, Fajita Meat or Hamburger and sometimes Steaks will increase. It’s about you so every order depending on the family’s needs will look different.


How much beef does a typical family eat in a year?

  • The amount of Beef a family eats in a year varies based on the number of family members.

  • How often do you grill out? How often do you throw a Roast in the crock pot?

  • On average, our customers with a family of four will consume between a half and a whole Steer per year.

Here is an easy formula to help you decide what’s best for your family: 

My family usually eats ______ meals a week with 1 pound of beef


52 weeks a year


My family eats ________ pounds of beef per year


Why should I choose Lone Star Brand Beef?

  • When you purchase from LSBB you can rest assured that we know the Steer’s history.

  • We know where they were born and who their parents are.

  • We know their genetics.

  • We know their health and exactly what they are eating and what’s being put into their body.

  • We know there are NO GROWTH HORMONES used.

  • You will receive all of your Beef from the same healthy Steer.

  • No by-products or fillers.

  • You will be able to taste the difference immediately.

  • Your Beef will be tender and healthy!

  • One thing we really enjoy is that we have just about every type of Beef in our freezer all the time.

  • Our meals are not limited to what we have on hand so we can make just about anything at any time- this is very convenient. Want a nice Steak? Just open the freezer and choose from all the Steaks you have. Busy day? Maybe grab a Roast and throw it in the crock pot so it’s ready when you get home! – Easy! We love easy.


We'll give you some info about beef at your local grocery store

  • Ground Beef from the store could be the product of a 17 year old cow. Most cows that age have lost all their teeth, cannot reproduce any longer and are turned into cheap hamburger.

  • Some grain finished operations use hormones to add pounds as fast as possible- not all but some. Which one are you eating? Yeah- we didn’t like not knowing either.

  • Their goal is to produce large amounts of Beef in the shortest amount of time. Is this the best for your family?

  • How long has your meat been in process? How long was it in the freezer prior to the store? Then how long did it sit in the back? How long did it sit on the shelf? How long until you eat it? Lots of unknowns here.


What are the health benefits of our grass fed beef?


We are so glad you asked! 

  • No Fillers

  • No Hormones

  • Our Beef is very lean. It has some fat but it is going to be on the lean side.

    • This is a big deal for athletes, cross-fitters, racers, runners, bikers, tri-athletes, etc.

  • Grass fed Beef contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - CLA is a healthy fat product that exists in high quantities in grass fed Beef. CLA has been known to help slim down the waistline, improve insulin response and aid in building muscle in your body.

  • Contains higher levels of Omega 3’s. - This fatty acid is known to help improve heart function, suppress growth of certain types of cancer, improve mental function and even help minimize the effects of arthritis. Grain finished beef has this but not at the levels of grass fed Beef. This is super healthy for your family!

  • High in Vitamin C - This can help improve skin, veins, muscle tissue and even your brain function!


How much space will I need in my freezer?

  • In order to accommodate half a steer you will need 6-7 cu. ft of freezer space. To give you a visual, 1 cu.ft is the same size as a milk crate.

  • 1/4 of a Steer will fit into an empty kitchen freezer with some room to spare.

  • If you have any questions or need info on what you need, we can help! Call us.

  • If you need a freezer we will bring you one. Again, call us! (Make sure you are ready for the freezer and have a plug in the area you want it. We can recommend help for that too.)


What do I need to do to get ready for my order of beef?



  • Your desired packaging sizes

  • Do I want 1/lb, 1.5/lb or 2/lb packages of Hamburger?

  • How many lbs of Stew Meat?

  • Fajita Meat in 1/lb or 2/lb packages? This is the fun part.

  • Your preference for Bone-in vs. Bone-out (this does affect amount of total meet delivered to your door)

  • Desired thickness of Steaks, Roasts, etc.

  • Don’t worry! If you are unsure what any of this means or what you want -we can set up a meeting to help you decide.

  • Clean out your deep freezer and be ready for the fabulous bounty.


How long will this process take?

  • Timing may vary.

  • We have a certain number of Steers being processed every month so if all are taken this month you may have to wait for the next available date.

  • We are about quality not quantity at Lone Star Brand Beef!

  • From date of dropping off, your Beef hangs in the temperature and humidity controlled freezer for 10 days. This allows the enzymes to break down and tenderize the meat even more. Then it is cut to your exact specifications, vacuum sealed and labeled so there is no freezer burn and ready for you to defrost and use.

  • We then go and pick up your meat and deliver to your home/freezer.

  • This whole process takes about 2 weeks. We will communicate with you the entire time so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.


What are somethings I may not know or need to know?


Here are a few things we want you to know so you are an informed consumer and totally ready for your Beef to arrive.

  • Grass Fed Beef WILL cook faster than grain fed. It’s a leaner meat. That means you need to keep an eye on it and don’t overcook it.

  • Grass Fed Beef fat will be more of a yellow color while Grain fed fat will be a more white in color.

  • Grass Fed Beef will be more of a red color. Grain fed will be more of a pink. Our Beef is a beautiful deep Red!

  • Grass Fed Beef will have a little different taste.

    • This is not a bad thing.

    • Our Beef is finished on grass and the Beef you buy at the store is finished on grains and fillers. They will not be the same because they are not the same. The Steak will be where you taste the difference the most. (Ever tasted a fresh tomato off the vine vs. store bought? There is a difference. Same with fresh eggs. Fresh and Natural is different than what we buy off the shelf)

  • Lone Star Brand Beef will be more tender than what you are use to.

    • You will no longer be able to pull a roast out of the crock pot with a fork. It will fall apart. You will need a different technique.

  • People will fight over the last Hamburger patty. Cook extras. You can always eat them later. Please don’t fight!

  • The convenience will be overwhelming! Walking to your freezer and getting whatever you want will cause you to be bummed when you can’t do the same thing in the pantry. Sorry.



What do I do next?


Contact us! Choose from one of the options below to reach out and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. We are ready to help and answer your questions!


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