Lone Star Brand Beef

About Us

About us


We are a large family raised right here in the greatest place on earth- TEXAS and collectively we have nine kids between two brothers and their little sister. 

 Lone Star Brand Beef was started after we decided to meet a need for our own family. We were real tired of the poor quality, hormone infused, old smelly, where did it come from and what is in it beef that we were buying at the store to feed our families so we decided to do something about it! We had the animals already here on our ranch so we started helping friends and neighbors get the same thing for their family and Lone Star Brand Beef was born to provide the same safe, healthy, wholesome, chemical free, hormone free beef to everyone who wants the same thing we do, true farm to table food. Know where your food comes from and what’s in it! 

Lone Star Brand Beef is committed to bring you the best beef for the best price and helpful guidance along the way so you have peace of mind and healthy food for your family. 

We take our Angus cows and cross them with Angus/ Devon Bulls to get a consistent result- great Angus- Devon influenced beef. The Devon/Angus steer ensures that we have the genetics to get that flavor and marbling that everyone is after. 

We raise all these steers right here on our ranch and see them every day so you can rest easy knowing what you are getting and where Lone Star Brand Beef comes from.