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In an effort to provide the best options for our customers, we are always conducting research to determine the best way to serve you. With that said, if you had the ability to purchase sample packages for a higher price per pound, would you? In other words, Are you more likely to buy a whole cow at 5.25/lb or 30-40lb box with assorted cuts at 10.00/lb?


Welcome to Lone Star Brand Beef!

It is our mission to provide our customers with wholesome, chemical/hormone free grass fed Beef. We guarantee that you will know where your Beef came from and what’s in it and strive to provide you with quality farm to table Beef at the best price possible.    

Lone Star Brand Beef was birthed out of a desire to feed our families well. We grew weary of having to choose poor quality, where did it come from, hormone infused meat that has been filled with dangerous fillers, dye and water to create the appearance of healthy meat. 

We are so proud to offer our friends, family and community quality grass fed Beef that is fully customizable to the customer. With Lone Star Brand Beef, you will rest assured that our Beef is clean, our cattle is well cared for and you can enjoy Farm to Table food with no fillers.


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